Fall & Food

Fall & Food such great pairing!  With the crisp air, the frost in morning times and amazing sunrises you can tell it’s fall.  Fall for me equals comfort food time!   That means cravings for oxtail & okra stew that will fill your belly with warmth, to roasted squash dishes and batches of homemade soups, fall is amazing time for food.   
Maybe I like fall so much because I know the dark days of winter are coming, but the smell of braising meat is my light in dark.
Fall has a lot to offer vegetable wise, from leeks, beets, collard greens,  to Fresh beans and last bit of green tomatoes.  And the meats, fall is time the animals are put  down and processed, things like lamb, goose and  turkeys. 

Got me wondering What are some of y’all’s  Fall Food Favorites?  
And Why?